Lilit Vardanian

Senior Consultant
Washington D.C.
Lilit Vardanian
  • Management Consulting
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Project Management
  • Branding and Market Positioning
  • Strategic Communications

Ms. Vardanian is a versatile and innovating strategic leader and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in publicly and privately funded scientific initiatives, for profit drug development industry and government funded academic research. Lilit’s unique combination of diverse skills and experiences as an academic researcher, pharmaceutical R&D  professional and global consortia program manager offers her clients a cross-cultural mindset and competitive range of services within the biomedical development field. She uses a personalized comprehensive approach for her clients’ needs through creating supportive partnership environment for strategic positioning, subsequently catalyzing and managing start up, novel process improvement and project development initiatives.  Lilit effectively utilizes her international business negotiations and contract management experience to create mutually beneficial incentives, milestone based deliverables, and efficient dialogues between stakeholders, subsequently leading to successfully managed full life cycle projects to close outs. Throughout her career, Ms. Vardanian has worked for the National Institute of Health, Georgetown University, and Astrazeneca.  Ms. Vardanian holds a MBA from the University of Manchester and a Master’s Degree in Pharmacology from Georgetown University.