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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Providing GDPR and CCPA compliant data privacy and cybersecurity.

Preparing and planning in a world of unknown threats is difficult.  Our focus is on helping change the cybersecurity paradigm, and implementing effective cybersecurity and data privacy practices.  In a data-driven economy, the need for companies to manage data privacy and maintain cybersecurity is more crucial than ever to ensure business continuity.  As companies use and store more data, they face challenges with maintaining a sufficient level of data privacy. With enhanced regulations on data privacy, including GDPR and CCPA, handling data privacy has become more complex to navigate.  Ensuring proper cybersecurity helps companies maintain their data privacy, and avoid costly consequences of cyber-attacks.  As cyber-crimes have become more inventive, the average time it takes for a company to notice an attack has increased to 196 days.  The evolving nature of cyber-crimes poses challenges for companies to guard their systems against cyber-attacks.

Our goal at NMS is to change the focus of cybersecurity from simply protecting data and measuring risk, to evaluating your organization’s overall ability to withstand a cyber-attack.  We work alongside your organization’s senior management and IT professionals to ensure we establish the appropriate cybersecurity strategy for your organization.  We accomplish this through a hands-on, multidisciplinary approach which results in lasting change.  Our cybersecurity consultants not only have deep technical experience, but are also versed in the latest trends and changes across industries.  We do not simply provide a packaged solution that fits all sizes – we prepare and implement custom solutions and strategies that perfectly fit your organization.  With a team of experienced consultants and certified data privacy experts, NMS can translate strategic requirements into actionable steps. We help our clients understand the nature of their data regulatory compliance needs, and improve their organizational cybersecurity from the ground up.  

<b>Cybersecurity Process</b>

Cybersecurity Process

What Does NMS Offer?

We offer affordable cybersecurity & data privacy solutions for small to large municipalities and companies.  Our services are customized for your organization’s needs, with a focus on providing ongoing and effective cybersecurity.  Our services include:

  • Compliance tracking
  • Control assessments
  • Policy & procedure preparation and review
  • Cybersecurity roadmap
  • Industry research
  • Remediation efforts
  • IT governance
  • Risk assessments
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Evaluation of current system and services

We also offer solutions on the governance of information and technology, including:

  • Staffing
  • Project management portfolio
  • Data & business intelligence
  • Core IT processes
  • Service planning
  • Application portfolio management
<b>NMS Cybersecurity Skillset</b>

NMS Cybersecurity Skillset

<b>NMS Cybersecurity Skillset</b>

NMS Cybersecurity Skillset


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Learn how to avoid costly errors and potential fines.

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Arthur Mansourian

Senior Manager
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Mergers & Acquisitions
Beverly Hills

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Senior Partner
Global Head of Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Private Equity
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
Beverly Hills

Alexandra Di Nella

Senior Consultant
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

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