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In a challenging environment, we help leaders make strategic decisions that result in success.


The travel and transportation sectors are undergoing profound change.  From a macro perspective, there will be competing crosscurrents of globalization and protectionism among big economic players, consolidation in many supplier markets such as airlines and hotels, and major changes in purchase behavior of both consumers and businesses.  The rise of Big Data is already reframing travel and transportation planning – technologies such as personal device ubiquity, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), the “new mobility” of ride-sharing, and autonomous vehicles will certainly disrupt the entire transportation landscape.  In order to remain competitive in the long run, industry leaders must plan for these significant macro challenges as well as for the specific, complex demands of their own sectors.  The winners will be companies who can maintain and enhance global brands and add game-changing digital capabilities to transform their organizations internally and strengthen the loyalty of their highly mobile and technologically savvy consumers externally.


The NMS Consulting transportation team has extensive sector experience, and is led by experts who have worked with a broad range of organizations, from start-ups to conglomerates.  We are focused exclusively on the latest trends and emerging challenges facing the industry, and will leverage our broad network of relationships with key influencers to identify turnaround, restructuring, performance improvement and communications strategies.  When challenges in the industry present themselves, we help identify growth strategies and opportunities that reflect market developments, and implement cost saving and operational performance improvements.  We have the industry knowledge and expertise to give you a competitive edge.  Our services include:

  • Performance improvement
  • Public affairs
  • Strategy consulting and research
  • Developing new revenue avenues
  • Optimizing loyalty programs
  • Improving consumer experiences
  • Supply chain optimization
<b>Transportation Consulting Framework</b>

Transportation Consulting Framework

Global Coordinator

Senior Consultant Infrastructure & Project Advisory Dubai

Robert Montgomery

Senior Consultant
Infrastructure & Project Advisory
Senior Consultant Valuation & Financial Advisory Washington D.C.

Joseph Toomey

Senior Consultant
Valuation & Financial Advisory
Washington D.C.
Senior Consultant Valuation & Financial Advisory Hong Kong

Shengyu Qiao

Senior Consultant
Valuation & Financial Advisory
Hong Kong