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Media and Entertainment Services

New trends and technologies are driving innovation in media and entertainment.  Let our Entertainment Consulting team guide the way.

New delivery platforms and digital payment models are lowering barriers to entry into media and entertainment. These trends are disrupting existing profit streams for media, entertainment and technology companies, which are struggling to find new ways to engage and profit from today’s digital consumer without entertainment consulting solutions.  Also, these changes are driving merger and acquisition activities, and other major transformations across the industry.  To have a successful long-term perspective, companies must begin to focus away from traditional offerings, ramp up new revenue streams, and innovate business models to achieve organic growth.  Companies must also improve operational efficiency, strengthen brand perception, and identify new opportunities for value creation.  With expertise in all media and entertainment sectors, NMS helps clients increase profits and remain competitive amid evolving and uncertain marketplaces.

Why hire NMS for Entertainment Consulting solutions?

We are here to help you through dramatic changes in consumer behavior and media distribution platforms, as well as with implementing novel sources of ad revenue.  At NMS, pride ourselves on providing a unique combination of strategic, financial and operational expertise for networks, broadcasters, content production, and distribution companies.  Our leaders have long track records of assisting companies, investors, and lenders by providing advanced models and strategies, operations enhancement, and advice on transactions.  We work closely with your team to design end-to-end workflows that deliver improved operational and financial results, and facilitate improved consumer experiences.  Our services include:

  • Application management
  • Business model enhancement
  • Customer & marketing strategies
  • Human capital solutions
  • Product development 
  • Strategy 
<b>Media and Entertainment Consulting Solutions</b>

Media and Entertainment Consulting Solutions

<b>Media and Entertainment Consulting Solutions</b>

Media and Entertainment Consulting Solutions

Global Coordinator

Trevor M. Saliba

Managing Partner
Global Head of Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Beverly Hills

Lainie Miller

Senior Consultant
Performance Improvement
Beverly Hills

Ariel Carpenter

Senior Consultant
Branding, Messaging & Content
Beverly Hills

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