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Automotive Management Consultants

Our automotive management consultants drive value today to transform your company for tomorrow.

Autonomous driving, electric cars, connectivity and the sharing economy has revolutionized the automotive industry.  In today’s marketplace, OEMs are in command of the auto business, and have established high barriers to entry by leveraging their mass production ability and distribution networks.  But change is upon us – new automotive companies with business models focused on the customer and the environment are taking over the automotive industry.  In addition, COVID-19, inflation, and geopolitical issues have led to global disruptions in supply chain management and automotive part availability.  That is why companies cannot rely on traditional answers to supply chain and operational issues.  However, our automotive management consultants are here to support you on your journey, identifying solutions and preparing roadmaps for your road to success.

Why hire NMS Consulting?

We offer a wide range of services to vehicle suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, creditors, stakeholders, and lenders.  Our experienced automotive management consultants focus on identifying issues and providing solutions for your company to enhance your enterprise value.  The NMS team provides a combination of Big 4 capability and a tailored boutique firm approach, all while leveraging years of knowledge and experience in complex situations.  At NMS, we guide your team in order to drive value, discover and correct inefficiencies, create novel business models, and enhance your customer’s experience.  The NMS team is committed to providing you with insightful solutions and actionable results.  We back up our recommendations with thorough analysis and a collaborative team.  

Our automotive consulting services include:

automotive management consulting

Automotive Consulting Approach

Global Coordinator

Joseph Toomey

Senior Consultant
Valuation & Financial Advisory
Washington D.C.

Tushar Srivastava

Senior Consultant
Performance Improvement
San Francisco

What can we help you achieve?