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Public Sector & Government

Public Sector & Government

With governments around the world are under unique pressure due to COVID-19, we help public sectors evolve through operational efficiencies and services improvements.

In today’s unprecedented environment, it seems the only constant is change.  It is crucial that organizations readily have an agile mindset, promote a culture of innovation, and reconnect with citizens who are unsatisfied with policies during this time.  New opportunities can be garnered now that can transform public sector organizations.  Automation, budget deficits, and globalization are some of the current challenges governments need to tackle to ensure better outcomes.  We are here to help you answer the question – how can our organization evolve with today’s fast-changing marketplace?

How NMS can help

NMS works with all types of government organizations to achieve their social and economic goals.  We work with your team to help develop the right structures, people, policies, and culture to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  We will help bring your public sector services to life, by leveraging disruptive technologies to replace antiquated systems.  We bring a wealth of expertise to your organization, helping resolve the biggest challenges you face.  By combining fresh thinking and multi-disciplinary experience, we help you achieve more.  Our team is here to guide you and your team with an effective plan for government transitions, ultimately improving the lives of constituents.  Whatever your future vision may be, we will help turn your ideas into reality, so that you can provide improve the people’s experiences.  Our services include:

  • Data analysis 
  • Operations improvements
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Enterprise collaboration 
  • Pensions evaluation
  • Risk management
government public sector risk management policy elements
government public sector risk management policy elements

Global Coordinator

Veronica Njodinizeh

Senior Consultant
Beverly Hills

Lilit Vardanian

Healthcare Project Management
Washington D.C.

Oscar Perez

Senior Consultant
New York

What can we help you achieve?