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Strategy Consulting Services

Our strategy consulting services supply you with the knowledge and insight to succeed in the transformative Digital Era.

Our strategy consulting services are led by consultants who combine their unique experiences and skill sets to provide creative solutions that have helped clients across the globe develop and implement effective strategies.  We provide insights that educate clients to make the right strategic decision, achieving the results they need.  From start to finish, we work closely with our clients to design strategic solutions that fulfill their company’s needs and goals.  This includes not just the company mission, vision, and values, but also non–financial goals such as branding, strategic communications, and sales channels.  Also, regardless of your company’s size, we are able to account for the risk profile of the company as well as the available resources, to effectively complete objectives. 

While turnaround and transformation can come in many different forms, we view such consulting as a cross-functional effort to change the current trajectory of a company, whether it is operational, strategic, or financial in nature.  In addition, if you feel your company is not performing at its peak, we are here to guide you with a team effort which will culminate in improved and sustained performance.  Whether your company needs a complete overhaul, or simply additional guidance on some needed changes, we will be at your side until the goal is reached.  A successful implementation of strategic consulting relies on a unified vision and commitment to positive change. 

Our approach for effective strategy consulting services.

NMS Consulting’s strategy services assist clients with all areas of a business, including:

  • Revenue growth strategies
  • New market entry
  • Market expansion
  • Brand position
  • Assessment and implementation of new programs

We have provided strategic consulting solutions to organizations large and small, and focus on identifying what will most help you make integrated strategic choices that result in exceptional outcomes.  We work closely with you to collaboratively implement solutions that fulfill your strategic vision.  Our mission is to deliver in-depth market analyses to help clients solve complex issues.  Also, our multi-disciplinary approach is propelled by a team of consultants who have served in major strategy firms, and financial and academic institutions.  When you work closely with our industry experts, you can be sure our people thoroughly research your brands and operations, stakeholder perceptions, and your industry holistically.  

Strategy Optimization

Strategy Optimization

Global Coordinator

Trevor M. Saliba

Managing Partner
Global Head of Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Beverly Hills

Mark Edmead

Senior Consultant
Orange County

Arthur Mansourian

Senior Manager
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Mergers & Acquisitions
Beverly Hills

Granit Rexha

Berlin, Frankfurt

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