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Turnaround and restructuring typically resut in an overhaul of a company, and can include:

  • Employee incentive plan reviews
  • Pre-bankruptcy planning
  • Working with creditors and negotiating
  • Disposing of non-core assets, redesigning the business plan, and addressing liquidity issues.

The goals of a turnaround and restructuring usually include structural reductions, feasible short-term goals, and preparing a company for the long-term.  When performing a turnaround, consultants need to be prepared to have the necessary tough conversations with leadership.  Business leaders need to be honest and transparent to help consultants quickly identify the most vulnerable areas of the business. 


<b>Turnaround and Restructuring Process</b>

Turnaround and Restructuring Process

How Can NMS Help?

NMS Consultants have proficiency in working with management teams to develop corporate restructuring strategies geared towards maximizing value for all parties involved.  The NMS team works with each client in developing financing and liquidity forecast models, working capital and cash flow management strategies, debt restructuring, covenant waivers and other services related to restructuring.  Our consultants play a key role in critical thinking and implementing execution discipline.

Working collaboratively with your management team, we utilize our global experience to provide you with the right team of consultants to meet your  restructuring needs.  Our turnaround and restructuring services include:

  • A thorough evaluation of your organization
  • Development of a sound operational and financial strategy
  • Implementation of financial and operational improvements that will help your organization increase revenues and reduce costs. 

Our operating experience and solutions have been invaluable to our clients, and we can help you develop and implement a turnaround plan that will revitalize your organization and serve as the foundation of your restructuring strategy.


<b>Turnaround SWOT Analysis</b>

Turnaround SWOT Analysis

Global Coordinator

Dr. Harry Moore MBE

Senior Partner, Head of Europe Global Head of Turnaround and Transformation
Business Transformation, Turnaround & Restructuring