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Energy, Power, and Environmental Products

Energy and environmental consulting solutions for stricter CO2 regulations, customer issues, and technological disruptions.

In today’s marketplace, the Energy sector is faced with many challenges.  Organizations in this sector have been forced to adapt to many new regulations and technologies.  Our experts possess the deep energy and environmental consulting experience needed to help you overcome obstacles in these trying times.  Our leaders have provided long-term consulting services for energy companies around the globe, helping them capitalize on opportunities, while also addressing technological, economical, and legislative issues.  In addition, OEMs, utilities, and primary energy suppliers rely on us to leverage our experience gathered over decades of dealing with strategic issues.  

Why Hire NMS for energy and environmental consulting services?

Our team of leaders provide advisory services that identify the financial, strategic, regulatory and legal needs of energy and power companies.  Our in-depth understanding of global trends and emerging markets will guide you in addressing a zero-carbon economy and growing interest in energy independence around the world.  With our perspective and industry expertise, you can be confident in our solutions and decisions.  Also, whether you have due diligence or pre-construction questions, our team works closely with you and regulatory agencies to overcome challenges and navigate energy applications.  To provide flawless transition and continued compliance, we can serve as the owner’s representative on all such matters during construction and post-construction.  When it comes time to work on your project, we provide hands-on industry and regional expertise for all stages of your projects.  Our services include:  

  • Backup power solutions
  • Energy management services
  • Energy transmission and distribution
  • Environmental management
  • Infrastructure development
  • Oil and gas equipment and services
  • Power supply components
  • Smart cities
  • Waste management
  • Water management

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Global Coordinator

Joseph Toomey

Senior Consultant
Valuation & Financial Advisory
Washington D.C.

Petra Russell

Senior Consultant
Turnaround & Restructuring
Beverly Hills

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