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Hospitality, Gaming and Leisure Services

Our hospitality, gaming and leisure services leverage our team’s knowledge and experience to overcome obstacles.

Driven by recent economic trends and new consumer behavior, global changes are putting pressure on the gaming, hospitality and leisure industries.  For casinos, consolidation has increased in an expanding international market, as companies are merging to gain more market share and reduce competition.  New resorts and hotel themes continue to emerge, and businesses are keeping an eye on the future, closely monitoring the preferences of today’s consumers.  Our hospitality, gaming and leisure services are provided by a team that brings extensive hands-on expertise and a wide range of knowledge to owners, lenders, and stakeholders.  In addition, our leaders have expertise across all industry types, including resorts, hotels, and casinos.  Today, unbalanced growth and a difficult business environment are the biggest challenges, and NMS is ready to help guide you with critical decision solutions.  

How our hospitality, gaming and leisure services can help.

NMS offers a wide range of expertise to help our clients respond to constantly changing consumer behaviors through innovative market strategies and industry intelligence.  Management companies and owners alike rely on us to help increase operational efficiencies, and we recognize that every client has specific needs that can’t be solved by using a template solution.  Through our team of experienced management consultants, we develop tailored systems and processes that will help you achieve results while maintaining your brand and company culture.  

Our services include:

  • Operational realignment
  • Strategic analysis
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing audit
  • Revenue management
  • Service training
  • Contract analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Asset assessment
  • Receiverships and troubled properties

<b>Value Chain Framework</b>

Value Chain Framework

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Performance Improvement
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What can we help you achieve?