Amit Malik

Amit Malik

Amit Malik

Senior Consultant

New York


Corporate Strategy

Management Consulting

Change Management

Operational Improvements

Amit Malik is a well-rounded healthcare strategy and clinical operations consultant with 15+ years of experience in leading and managing teams to strategically drive growth and profitability for several healthcare organizations. Through his proven data-driven and consultative framework, he has designed and implemented performance improvement initiatives in areas of care delivery redesign, patient engagement & activation, cost optimization (labor and non-labor) and revenue enhancement (strategic growth and contribution margin enhancement). He led significant improvements to clinical operations and profitability for a Medicare Advantage Health Plan and several health systems within the oncology, perioperative and cardiology areas.

Prominent firms Amit has worked for include Accenture, where he directed project teams to deliver solutions for three southern California academic medical centers in different scopes of work that created significant improvements to the organizations’ bottom lines. He also designed and implemented strategies to improve patient access for six core ambulatory clinics, which was replicated to the remaining 30+ ambulatory/outpatient clinics. Strategies included improving supply of visits through optimization of physician templates and optimization use of physician extenders, and optimizing scheduling to reduce no-show and cancellation rates and unfilled slots. Amit also led several client teams to achieve $11.6M in cash flow improvements through cost reduction initiatives in medical supplies, pharmacy, labs, business services and technology along with strategic growth and revenue enhancement through reduced volume leakage. Moreover, he helped launch new hospital-based specialty pharmacy while leading efforts around pro-forma development, contract optimization, staff planning, physician and clinic engagement strategies and launched “meds to beds” pilot to drive $10M+ net revenue annually. Amit holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the George Washington University.