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The world is heading towards a cashless economy – be ready for it.


Our comprehensive ICO, STO, and blockchain advisory services are backed by marketing plans, technical expertise, and access to our network of experienced legal counsel.  Our team of experienced cryptocurrency and blockchain consultants are ready to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure an effective blockchain implementation, and a compliant initial coin offering (ICO) or security token offering (STO).  We undertake the management of your ICO or STO project from start to finish, verifying that the offerings are based on disruptive and viable concepts. 


Our team can help you determine the right blockchain technology for your business, and design a detailed roadmap for your product or idea.  We focus on providing industry-specific blockchain applications that support our clients, working with your team to build the perfect solutions.  We also provide analysis along with clear solutions for technology design and implementation, and position your team to convey the real-world solutions that your technology provides.  Our collective services include:

  • Conducting due diligence to Identify the appropriate type of security for tokenization
  • Product validation analysis
  • Creating tokens through an issuance platform   
  • Providing a detailed valuation of the underlying asset to set a price for the token
  • Assessing the risks and advising on a proper legal structure, including the required jurisdiction checks for token compliance
  • Advising you on current and proposed SEC and CFTC regulations
  • Financial reporting and auditing
<b>STO Advisory Framework</b>

STO Advisory Framework

Global Coordinator

Trevor M. Saliba

Managing Partner
Global Head of Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Beverly Hills

Marc Strauch

Managing Director
Technology Advisory
Beverly Hills

Arthur Mansourian

Senior Manager
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Mergers & Acquisitions
Beverly Hills

Charles Bovaird

Senior Consultant
Branding, Messaging & Content
New York