Yagmur Karaarslan

Yagmur Karaarslan

Yagmur Karaarslan


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Human Resources Systems

Occupational Health and Safety


Compliance and Personnel Affairs

Yağmur Karaarslan is an accomplished consultant specializing in Human Resources, offering valuable expertise to companies across various industries. Her academic background includes a B.A. degree in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations from Yalova University, laying the foundation for her in-depth understanding of HR strategies and operations.

With a wealth of experience, Yağmur provides consultancy services encompassing a range of critical HR areas. She excels in Human Resources System Setups, optimizing HR systems to enhance organizational efficiency. Moreover, she ensures a safe work environment by employing her expertise in Occupational Health and Safety. Her proficiency extends to Payroll Management, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees. Additionally, Yağmur skillfully manages Compliance and Personnel Affairs, navigating complex legal requirements and ensuring regulatory adherence.

As a highly sought-after consultant, Yağmur Karaarslan continues to make a significant impact, empowering organizations to enhance their HR practices, driving success and productivity in the workplace.