Patrick Bastar | Senior Consultant

Patrick Bastar

Patrick Bastar

Senior Consultant

Orange County


Management Consulting

Strategic Planning

Operations Planning/Re-engineering

Post-Merger Execution

IT Implementation

Change Management 

Mr. Bastar has 30 years of consulting experience in the Healthcare industry.  Patrick builds strong relationships with his clients in order to understand their needs, and thrives on delivering quantifiable results in line with these needs.  As a management consultant, he helped hospitals and IDNs re-engineer operations to reduce costs (5% to 12% of operating budget), improve quality of care, and enhance service to patients and families.  He worked closely with clinicians including physicians and nurses to collaboratively bring significant change to their organizations, e.g., staffing, resource utilization, length of stay.  Also, he assisted two health plans to reach and demonstrate to DHHS their readiness for managed care Medicaid service delivery.  He worked with a Diabetes Disease Management organization to define their strategy and prepare for operational readiness to deliver to multiple payor contracts.  Mr. Bastar also led the development of a PMO service within a large IT vendor, including hiring and training up to 40 program managers and ensuring the quality of their services.  Mr. Bastar holds an MBA and an MS Engineering, both from UC Berkeley.