Igor Kuruc

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Igor Kuruc

Senior Consultant

Sokolec – Czech Republic
+ 42 073 650 6088


Supply Chain Management

Mergers and Acquisitions

Post-merger Integration

Corporate Governance

Policy Development

Mr. Igor Kuruc is a seasoned board level manager and Energy sector thought leader. He has in-depth knowledge of energy & utility supply chains, redesigning wholesale businesses during acquisitions and post-merger integrations, and is well-versed in the European regulatory landscape for the Energy sector. 

Igor has worked at Procter & Gamble, where he was a Financial Analysis Manager, and also worked several years at Shell as a Supply Chain Optimization Manager and Board Member. At Shell, he oversaw regulatory stakeholder management and served as Vice Chairman of the Board for Shell Czech Republic. He was responsible for generating over 10 million in improved purchase conditions from a local supplier, and for a 25 million cash flow improvement via prolonged payment terms.

Additional achievements by Igor include: 

·     Generating $6 million by establishing partnerships and through negotiations.

·     Providing trading operations across oil & gas industries, achieving $310 million revenue in four years.

·      Setting up the credit department for a global subsidiary, and adopting and implementing fully compliant policies and procedures.