Dr. Idil Yildirim

Dr. Idil Yildirim

Dr. Idil Yildirim


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International Business Law

Labor Laws

Regulatory Compliance

Dr. Yildirim is a highly accomplished professional, holding a degree from Marmara University, Faculty of Law, where she graduated in 2013. She furthered her academic pursuits by obtaining a Master’s degree from Istanbul University and successfully earning her Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD) degree from Marmara University.

Currently, she holds a part-time teaching position at Istanbul Arel University, where she specializes in the fields of International Business and Labor Laws. Her expertise in these areas reflects her profound knowledge and understanding of complex legal matters related to global business operations and labor regulations.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Yildirim exhibits proficiency in the Italian language, adding to her versatility as a legal professional with a diverse skill set. Her dedication to legal education and her fluency in multiple languages make her a valuable asset in the field of law and academia.