Chozan Behn

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Chozan Behn

Senior Consultant

Orange County


Management Consulting

Corporate Advisory

Tax Planning


Mr. Chozan Behn has provided over 35 years of consulting, with a focus on business management, capital acquisition, operational cost analysis, advisory services and tax planning. As the Interim Tax Manager for 99-Cent Only Stores, he resolved 3 major sales and use tax audits with a potential tax liability, including penalties & interest, of over $3 million. Chozan helped the company reduce the liability by over $2.7 million by the conclusion of the audit. 

Chozan has provided consulting through interim roles such as Tax Manager, State and Local Tax Manager (SALT), Assistant Tax Manager, International Tax Team Coordinator for 5471, 8865 and Subpart F reporting, Transportation Compliance & Reporting Manager, and Sales Tax Manager – Commercial Leasing.  Also, Chozan served as a Senior Accountant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) LLP, and led an engagement team for high-level real estate and investment partnership clients.

Chozan continues to provide management and financial consulting and advisory services for small, mid-sized, and large businesses focusing on customer service and growth.