Aybars Ortan

Aybars Ortan

Aybars Ortan

Senior Consultant

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IT Strategy and Implementation

Network Management and Security

Strategic Consulting

ERP Systems and Integration

Aybars Ortan’s distinguished career reflects a mastery of Information Technologies (IT) and its multifaceted applications. Proficient in network applications, network management, and providing adept software support through a comprehensive “help desk” service, Aybars showcases a strong foundation in the IT landscape.

In the role of Country IT Manager at Gulf Cryo A.Ş., Turkey, Aybars adeptly assumed the roles of IT and Project Manager, orchestrating the seamless implementation of Oracle ERP systems. This encompassed staff training in ERP System utilization and the integration of e-Invoice and e-archive systems with the Turkish Ministry of Finance, highlighting Aybars’s technical proficiency and strategic vision.

As a Strategic Consultant at Pronto Public Relations and Consultancy Ltd., Istanbul/Turkey, Aybars provided invaluable insights into strategic planning for multinational corporations, fostering robust customer relations. Aybars’s involvement extended to overseeing IT operations and providing consultancy on a gamut of IT projects for distinguished clients, including industry giants such as Carlsberg, FedEx, IBM, DHL, and BAT.

In Aybars Ortan’s leadership role as General Manager and Co-owner of Global Media, Istanbul/Turkey, in partnership with Grey Advertising Agency, adept management of advertising campaigns across local media, nurturing client relationships, and conceptualizing overarching company strategies seamlessly integrated with effective IT solutions.

A pivotal position as Media Director and Local Area Network Supervisor at Capitol Public Relations, Istanbul/Turkey, showcased Aybars Ortan’s prowess in fostering connections with multinationals like IBM, Unilever, and Koç Holding. Offering strategic counsel, directing client projects, addressing media queries, and adroitly navigating media-related challenges, Aybars stood out. Notably, Aybars played a pivotal role in the launch campaign for Microsoft NT, significantly contributing to its successful Turkish market entry and implementation within the company.

Aybars’ career journey, enriched by a robust academic foundation and practical experience across diverse sectors, epitomizes innovation, leadership, and IT proficiency.

With a Master of Science in Management Degree (MSM) from Boston University, London/UK, and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree “Cum Laude” featuring a double major in Management and Marketing from American Intercontinental University, London/UK, the professional journey of Aybars is one marked by versatile expertise and accomplishments.