Oksana Demchenko

Oksana Demchenko

Oksana Demchenko

Senior Consultant, CIS Region


International Marketing

Business Development

Information Technology

Oksana Demchenko has over 6 years of professional experience and is well versed as a business development manager and project leader. Some of her accomplishments include organizing and conducting 100+ offline and online events of various sizes for 2,000+ people for Bayer, Philips, Р-ФАРМ, Roche, Samsung, Canon, BMS, Sonoscape, Mindray, Medsi, AstraZeneca, Takeda, and more. She has worked in B2B sales, organizing and leading full-cycle projects, conducting market analysis research, developing a project strategy based on analytics, and forming a team for each project. Her consulting skill set includes business development, forming project concepts, and developing a strategic vision.

Previous working experience includes serving as Deputy Development Director in Radiology Moscow, the leading Russian center of expertise in computed tomography and AI-based medical diagnostics. She also was the Head of GR & International Cooperation programs for Neuronet, the Russian industrial union of companies and startups employing neurotechnology in their products. Oksana holds a PhD from the State Academic University of Humanitarian Science (former Republic Center of Humanitarian Education). She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from Lomonosov Moscow State University.