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Helping you overcome digital & technology hurdles during digital transformation.


With the continuing evolution of new technological and digital innovations, the effective use of technology is critical to the success of nearly every business and the focus of our San Francisco team.  The digital revolution continues to expand at an extraordinary pace, and goes far beyond simple e-commerce in the form of entirely new business models and industrial norms. With robotics and the Internet of Things working their way more and more into the mainstream every day, organizations need to evaluate how they are impacted.

To avoid being left behind in this digital world, and to capitalize on digital opportunities, organizations must leverage knowledge to take the right steps forward.  Our team in San Francisco, guides businesses in all things digital including transformation, strategy, customer experience, evaluation, and production.

We guide you on your digital path by:

  • Developing a strategy and transformation roadmap
  • Analyzing how digital business models may differ from traditional norms in your industry
  • Reviewing economical factors and identifying strategic priorities
  • Compiling data and viewing it through the lens of your organization’s objectives and risk profiles
san francisco

Location Details

101 California Street
Suite 2710
San Francisco, CA 94111
T: +1 415 941 6000

Arthur Mansourian

Senior Manager
Mergers & Acquisitions
San Francisco

Trevor M. Saliba

Managing Partner
Private Equity
San Francisco

Nick Sramek

Managing Director
Digital & Technology
San Francisco

Tushar Srivastava

Senior Consultant
Performance Improvement
San Francisco

Marc Strauch

Managing Director
Technology Advisory
San Francisco