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Customer Experience Consulting

The customer is always right – and customer experience consulting can help you overcome major hurdles. 

 With our Customer Experience consulting services, we analyze all data across every business unit, and identify the most fruitful combination of operations and strategy.   As part of the process, our Customer Experience consulting team places ourselves in the customers’ shoes to understand what is most important to them, what they value about your organization, and what they would like to experience more of.  Customer interactions create data that can be used by your team to provide a more personalized experience. This allows your people to work more efficiently, increasing the ROI of your customer experience approach.  At NMS, we pride ourselves in being objective consultants, and collaborate with your team to implement CX plans, ensuring the proper rollout.  Also, with the right experts and tools, you can determine the impact of improvements you make on your path of achieving customer experience excellence. 

Our Customer Experience Consulting (CX) Approach

Our underlying Customer Experience consulting method is to ensure that our CX solutions will lower costs, improve time to market, and create value for your customers.  We guide your organization throughout the process lifecycle, helping you overcome obstacles by crafting the perfect customer experience.  By beginning with the customer’s satisfaction as our end goal, we work backwards to identify optimal outcomes, and the value your business brings to the marketplace.  Our CX solutions can yield outcomes such as:

  • Lower cost-to-serve 
  • New customer segments and markets
  • Increased market share and revenue
  • Less time required to be market ready with new products or services
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Greater focus on value-creating strategies

Your employees are the most important asset of your brand.  That is why our Customer Experience consulting team focuses on training your team to engage customers with thoughtful and respectful interactions.  With the proper training, design, and implementation, we are able to empower your team to ensure customer satisfaction and help you change your organization to deliver.  The most effective strategy relies on a human-centered approach, with a strong vision to rally behind, and a thorough understanding of the end-user experience.  To support this strategy, your organization needs data-driven solutions, and the right operating model to create sustainable change.  We will work directly with your team, training them to engage in positive interactions with your customers.  In addition, we create, implement, and perfect the platform needed to empower your business through effective, engaged employees.

customer experience consulting

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Healthcare Project Management
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