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Transition and Succession Consulting

Our transition and succession consulting services guide you in planning today for an effective transition tomorrow.

While businesses can be perpetual, its owners and management are not.  Obstacles and opportunities will present themselves, and our transition and succession consulting services are designed to guide you effectively.  It is critical your company has a plan in place that allows for a seamless transition. It is imperative that business leaders assess their organization’s transition and succession planning as the cost of not doing so can be catastrophic.  

Working without a transition or succession plan in place can lead to uncertainty, disruptions, and even damage your competitiveness.  Planning for the future means creating a detailed approach to transition and succession, which allows you to monetize your business on your terms and in the time horizon you would like.  It also is a way of making sure your clients will be in good hands, as the survival of your business in the long term will depend on a sound strategy that includes thorough planning.  Also, the decision of what entity structure is used, financing options, and valuation methods all have a direct impact on your organization’s future.  That is why transition and succession planning is a vital element of your business, and should be at the forefront when considering operations and strategy. 

How our transition and succession consulting services can benefit you.

NMS assists clients in developing a comprehensive business continuity plan to ensure a seamless transition for a planned or unplanned change.  In addition, we support clients in the creation of planned exits or successions to enable the transfer of ownership in a seamless and efficient manner. Whether you plan to retire soon or still have many years ahead of you, planning for a succession of your business and effectively communicating this plan to your people is paramount to a successful transition.  

Our process is built on a foundation of listening and learning.  In addition, we sit with you and go through every aspect that can impact your future, no matter how small.  We start by learning about your business, your goals, and your expectations for the future.  Our transition and succession services are created to meet these needs, and to provide you with solutions that stimulate your thinking and help provide a clear vision.  

Our transition and succession consulting services include:

  • Planning for pre- and post-transaction
  • Evaluating income and estate tax consequences and solutions
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Trust, estate, and gift planning
  • Charitable and philanthropic planning
  • Restructuring and governance

<b>Transition and Succession Planning</b>

Transition and Succession Planning

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