Tal Potishman

Tal Potishman

Tal Potishman

Senior Consultant


Management Consulting


Organizational Development

Operational Optimization

Tal Potishman’s experience includes a solid strategy background, hands-on transformation experience and implementation capabilities.

While with McKinsey & Company, he worked across various sectors, focusing on organizational development and optimization across a range of industrial clients and financial service businesses. At Heidrick Consulting, he was the EMEA lead of the innovation and the rapid transformation unit, leading a range of rapid burst projects that required mind-set shift to achieve dramatic results. He also led a key part of the transformation drive of a FTSE100 insurance company in London.

As an interim executive, he helped multiple C-suite leaders (at Amazon, LexisNexis, Coca Cola, BCA etc.). As an example, he helped with a transformation effort in preparation for a $2bn IPO, planning and driving digital transformation, optimizing operations and processes and rationalizing supply chains. He also led an internet research and intelligence agency (Infonic Ltd, now part of Corpora), which conducted large research projects for clients such as Unilever, Halifax, and BMW, regarding their online and brand presence.

Tal holds an MBA from University of California, Los Angeles – The Anderson School of Management.