Management Consulting

Change Management

The majority of major change management efforts fall short of their goals. NMS Consulting’s approach assists clients to overcome unforeseen obstacles by preparing for and managing risk associated with change from the onset.
Managing change in an efficient and effective environment is a competitive advantage, yet far too many organizations don’t do it well. In an ever changing environment of new technologies and regulation, we help you move past traditional change management approaches enabling you to design, structure and implement the change your organization needs to make by advising you on building the capabilities essential to achieving your goals. We will work with you side-by-side on every facet of the plan.

Interim Management Services

When companies need skilled, experienced leadership to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities, contend with executive turnover or drive strategic transactions, our Interim Management Services provides interim executives guidance through the process and helps assure stability through periods of transition. Our interim executives bring deep leadership, financial management and operating experience, and the highest levels of functional and industry expertise to reinforce clients’ executive teams in that critical moment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

NMS Consulting advises corporate and private equity clients on creating value through business acquisition, combination or divestiture, including joint ventures, strategic alliances and other alternative structures.

  • Drawing upon our team’s extensive industry and transactional expertise, we are able to provide unbiased and confidential knowledge to help you realize your goals. We are able to support our clients through every stage of the transaction lifecycle:

    Target Identification. NMS Consulting’s team is able to design and implement a search program for target companies that meet your parameters.

    Due Diligence. Initial screening, qualification and analysis will reduce time and expense normally associated with the origination process enabling you to continue focusing on your primary business activities. Upon initiation, we are able to provide in-depth and detailed financial, regulatory and risk assessments which will streamline the transaction process and enable you to make informed decisions.

    Alternative Structures. Gain knowledge and insight of a particular industry or business through strategic alliances and joint ventures as a pre-cursor to entry.

    Post-Merger Integration. Understand and uncover the strengths of each organization and combine them in a meaningful manner creating optimal synergies. NMS Consulting’s staff work to ensure a seamless process across the deal cycle resulting in a combined entity with a greater value.

    Exit. Identifying and understanding when to divest, monetize assets or position your firm to operate as  leaner, more efficient organization.

Performance Improvement

No company, organization or situation is the same. Each are unique to their industry, sector, location and size. As markets, technologies, industries and regulations evolve, many organizations face unforeseen obstacles in maintaining their competitive position, growth and evolution.

  • NMS Consulting assists its clients in developing and implementing an overall plan aimed to reduce costs and inefficacies and improve overall provide in order to uncover opportunities for increased value creation.

    Identifying, designing and implementing cost and performance improvement initiates can be overwhelming for any organization and its management team.

    Operations. From sourcing to selling, we assist organizations in identifying efficiencies beyond just cost cutting, but by analyzing every aspect and division of the organization arriving at a solution that meets your goals and needs.

    Cost Accountability. Not every cost is equal. We work with clients in identifying and eliminating ineffective spending and waste with the goal of achieving increase cash flow without impacting productivity or quality or delivery of goods or services.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity consulting services provide comprehensive support across the full transaction cycle ranging from developing Target Acquisition Strategies, Due Diligence, Transaction Structuring, and Portfolio Company Analysis aimed at either value growth or exit support.


Change in any organization can be overwhelming, whether strategic, organizational or performance related. NMS Consulting works with clients on such initiatives from initial concept, through development and implementation. Through our process, we will guide you on identifying and implementing the changes needed to be implemented to enable your organization to achieve its goals.

We will take an in-depth approach to overall strategy, organization, operations, sales and marketing, information technology, human resources and management to arrive at a solution which may range from a complete restructuring and turnaround to moderate improvements to one or all of the organizations divisions.

Turnaround & Restructuring

NMS Consultants have proficiency in working with management teams to develop corporate Turnaround and Restructuring strategies geared towards maximizing value for all parties involved. The NMS team works with each client in developing financing and liquidity forecast models, working capital and cash flow management strategy, debt restructuring, covenant waivers and other services related to restructuring and turnaround strategic planning.

Valuation & Financial Advisory

NMS’s Valuation and Financial Advisory Services practice provides a diverse and comprehensive service offering that meets the demands of today’s transaction environment. Our clients benefit from our independence, practical advice, and innovative solutions rooted in deep industry and capital market experience.