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Investor Relations Services

Our investor relations services lead to a clear and concise brand message to build you a strong base of loyal investors.

Whether you are a privately-held organization or publicly-traded, our investor relations services can play an important role in branding, business expansion, and public perception.  Regulatory, legal, proxy and compliance challenges exist when dealing with investors.  It is important for your organization to properly execute on corporate or investor relations matter, such as disclosing an earnings shortfall, complying with SEC rules, or analyzing how investors will react to a potential M&A transaction.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide insightful solutions to our clients.  

We help growing companies communicate with investors and the general public, allowing them to showcase their true value and build brand awareness.  At NMS Consulting, we help you hone your investment narrative and deliver it to the right investors through the appropriate channels. Our goal is to help you establish a strong shareholder base, to lead to an optimum enterprise value.

Why hire NMS for investor relations services?

NMS Consulting is here to help you navigate through the landscape using industry-leading investor relations programs.  We build awareness for our clients’ brands through tailored outreach programs, bespoke to your company’s mission and values.  Our management consultants focus on helping you build a better relationship with investors, while also ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.  When your organization has many stakeholders to manage, let us help in managing and delivering on their expectations. 

Our investor relations services include:  

  • Corporate messaging
  • Strategic counsel
  • Brand awareness
  • Social media advertising 
  • Public relations
  • Earnings support
  • Preparation of marketing collateral
  • Market intelligence

Investor Relations Framework

Investor Relations Framework

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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Mergers & Acquisitions
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Senior Consultant
Mergers & Acquisitions
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