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Corporate Governance Consulting Services

Efficient corporate governance consulting services increases your investment attractiveness and competitiveness.

 The way by which a company’s management executives and board align themselves with shareholders’ interests is through corporate governance.  Effective corporate governance consulting services enables value creation and better investor perceptions, by providing transparency and more effective decision making.  In today’s world, boards of directors with strong governance measures play an important role in shaping your organization’s performance.  A boards’ oversight, effective decision making, and guidance provide direction and support, as companies deal with the challenges of business volatility, increasing competition, and globalization.  In our experience, organizations that make effective governance a priority tend to outperform their competition.  

Why hire us for corporate governance consulting services?

NMS corporate governance consultants combine public and corporate policy with sector-specific expertise offering distinct capabilities for clients operating during a critical time.  Also, managing political or regulatory work with requisite policy requirements is an important mandate for effective corporate governance and strategic planning.  We provide strong objective advice that allows you to design and implement a corporate governance program that motivates and rewards your people for the right kind of performance, while also aligning the interests of employees with those of your organization’s investors and shareholders.  In addition, we strive to provide a governance assessment program which will allow you to make informed decisions.

Our corporate governance consulting services include:

  • Assessment of executive compensation
  • Analysis of governing processes and bylaws
  • Investor perception evaluation
  • Shareholder base and voting analysis
  • Assisting with the development of board committees
  • Redesigning your board composition to facilitate effective oversight
  • Advising on incentive schemes tied to key performance indicators

We help you and your board by integrating sustainability at the executive level, focusing on the organization’s governance practices that lead to better sustainability in performance.  We work collaboratively with your people to explain the full spectrum of our solutions, from raw data to completed strategies, and help educate you on issues relevant to your operations that drive value creation, establish accountability, and mitigate risk.  Also, our informed experts are armed with cutting-edge research on governance, and will guide you in developing a strategic approach to oversight.  

corporate governance consulting services

Key Corporate Governance Considerations

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Mark Payne

Managing Director
Risk Management
Orange County

Trevor M. Saliba

Managing Partner
Global Head of Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Beverly Hills

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Healthcare Project Management
Washington D.C.

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