Discover how we help insurance companies redefine their business models and implement digital transformation.


With disruption evident across the insurance industry, companies with digital offerings are benefiting from the power of technology and developing new business.  To help you get your business in the right place, we use AI, cloud and other technologies.  We focus on improving your operations, and helping you develop new sources of revenue.  We also focus on assisting you in becoming more important to customers, and more agile when changes are needed.  In short, we are helping equip you to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.  Changing consumer needs and expectations are placing greater demands on existing players in the insurance industry.  Insurers are adapting with digital offerings and advanced analytics, which in turn deliver compelling new business opportunities.  Amid a digital revolution, insurance companies need to focus on agility and customer-centricity.


NMS offers a wide range of expertise to help you adapt to a changing market, and boost your businesses in the short-term while positioning for long-term success.  Our leaders provide subject matter expertise as a cost-effective solution to critical business issues.  By developing and executing strategies that increase profitability and efficiency, leverage digital capabilities, improve customer loyalty, and gain competitive advantage from advanced analytics, we provide our clients with critical support.  Our services include:

  • Customer responsiveness assistance 
  • Attrition resolution
  • Systems conversions 
  • Care management
  • Compliance
  • Advanced analytics
  • Strategy
<b>Insurance Management Consulting Framework</b>

Insurance Management Consulting Framework

Global Coordinator

James Rosen

Senior Consultant
Performance Improvement
Orange County

Mark Payne

Managing Director
Risk Management
Orange County

Trevor M. Saliba

Managing Partner
Global Head of Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Private Equity, M&A and Strategy
Beverly Hills

Menes Belmont

Senior Consultant
Performance Improvement
New York