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Branding, Messaging & Content

Providing brand positioning consulting to bring your company identity strategies to life.

As the desires of consumers changes, new marketing channels surface and require novel messaging and content.  That is why it is important for your brand to be constantly evolving, and position yourself properly with the use of consultants.  To keep your brand, messaging, content, and people vibrant, you need the right approach and structure.  Our brand positioning consultants are here to guide the way.  

It is also equally as important for you to make the right decisions on resource allocations, to track brand performance, to consistently re-evaluate your market position, and to compare your strategy against actual results.  At the same time, it is important that you maintain your position in relation to your brand’s values, consumers and promises.

How NMS’ brand positioning consultants can help.

As your trusted branding experts, we help you develop and position your brand with the end goal of differentiation and growth.  We also provide an analytical perspective to brand strategy, allowing you to realize the maximum potential of your brand, products and channels.  Our services include:

  • Brand positioning evaluation

  • Key consumer segment validation

  • Determining pricing power across brands

  • Identifying new channels for growth

  • Providing a SWOT analysis of your brand

  • Analyzing the key factors driving your customer’s purchasing habits 

  • Researching channel availability, positioning, and price points of your brand

  • Helping you protect your brand’s differentiation

  • Preparing new brand architecture and roles

  • Defining the most suitable role for your brand’s messages across all channels 

  • Enabling more revenue and profitability opportunities by improving customer and channel alignment 

We leverage various tools to promote brand messaging including your elevator pitch, brand tagline, corporate narrative, presentations, brand identity, and brand pillars, which are the core attributes of your brand positioning strategy.  These aspects of your brand will be evaluated to ensure that they are unique and true to your organization’s mission and values.   

Framework for Brand Positioning Consultants

Framework for Brand Positioning Consultants

Global Coordinator

Lili Swanson

Senior Consultant
Branding, Messaging & Content
Beverly Hills

Elle Falls

Senior Consultant
Branding, Messaging & Content
Beverly Hills

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