Financial Institutions & Private Equity


Financial services firms are facing an unprecedented range of strategic challenges, both from within and outside the industry.  Consumer behaviors and financial needs are evolving as a result of acceptance of new technologies for delivering financial services, along with the consumer’s emphasis on the purchasing experience.  The availability of data and the resulting ability to understand customers better is increasing rapidly, transforming business models from product-centric approaches and toward customer-centric.  At the same time, regulators are still putting the industry under ever-increasing scrutiny in preparation of the next unexpected financial crisis, and to prevent any disruptions in the flows of international capital due to political events such as the Brexit and trade wars.  A decade after the onset of the global financial crisis, its aftereffects persist in the form of historically low-interest rates, and with new challenges arising daily, traditional financial institutions are forced to think strategically about where to invest and which new avenues of growth they should explore.  A clear strategy, an outstanding business and operating model, and disciplined execution are required to succeed in today’s environment, and NMS is here to help.