Energy, Power & Environmental Products 


The energy industry faces considerable challenges as raising global demand continues to place unrelenting pressure on the world’s scarce natural resources.  Energy and environmental companies are grappling with many challenges including; increasingly volatile oil prices, intensified global competition, the rise of disruptive technologies, climate change issues, and more sophisticated government regulations. These factors increase the complexity of risks for even the best-run enterprises.  The industry leaders know that powering our world means thinking beyond the conventional industry definitions, to push performance boundaries, redefine markets, and pursue innovation.  Companies from across the energy value chain also must adapt to a raft of new regulations and technologies.  NMS provides clients with deep experience across the oil and gas, utilities and renewables, chemicals and mining sectors, helping you achieve strategic growth even during difficult times.  We stand by our clients and help them identify opportunities while addressing complex legislative policy, technological and economic issues, and major strategic issues in the energy sector.